Grading Spreadsheet

Grading Spreadsheet

Here’s a huge time saver Grading Spreadsheet for tracking attendance and grades. Makes report card time a cinch (at least the one side)! This runs on Microsoft Excel and PlanMaker by Softmaker. PlanMaker for Android devices and PlanMaker for iOS is basically free. MS Excel is only free on devices with a screen size no larger than 10.1 inches.

OneDrive Option

If you have internet, this spreadsheet will run in Excel in a “cloud environment” called OneDrive. OneDrive is free and greatly reduces the risk of losing information because your information is stored in the cloud. You do NOT need Excel or any other app installed on your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, or even cell phone – this spreadsheet will operate like a dream through OneDrive Online. (click the link and sign up if you do not have a Microsoft account). You will be able to share and/or open the spreadsheet on any device that’s connected to the internet, and from anywhere on the planet 🙂               *Instructions following*
Create a OneDrive ID
1. Go to
2. Click Sign up.
Upload an existing workbook
To upload one or more workbooks for use in Excel for the web, do the following:
1. Sign into OneDrive.
2. Under Files, click the folder where you want to upload the workbooks.
Folders that display a lock icon are private folders; folders can also be shared folders or public (internet) folders.
Tip    By clicking Create and then Folder, you can create a new folder where you can upload your workbooks.
3. Click Upload to add the workbook (or spreadsheet) you want to open in Excel for the web. This is the file that you saved from the email that was sent to you.

On a computer or laptop, Excel is part of Microsoft Office which must be purchased. NOTE: Office 365 needs a reliable internet connection for it to continue working. The subscription comes with the option to install the desktop version, but it also needs an internet connection to continue to function. DO NOT PURCHASE OFFICE 365 IF YOU WILL NOT HAVE RELIABLE AND CONSISTENT INTERNET! This is true for any type of device or computer.

Here are some links to purchasing Excel for Windows that does not require internet once it is installed. It is the lowest cost I know of and it is not a yearly subscription. The first link is my preference.

Another program called Softmaker Office 2021 (Follow this link) is fully compatible with MS Excel files and the user interface is almost identical.

I have not found Open Office, Libre Office, OnlyOffice, or Google Sheets to run this spreadsheet properly. On tablets or iPads, only use Microsoft Excel, either as an app or through OneDrive Online.

Why Get “This” Grading Spreadsheet?

A special feature is the Summary page or sheet where the grades are averaged and the attendance is recorded. It’s arranged by a page of each student. You can selectively print a certain student’s page or print and/or email the pages to the schoolboard or yourself. It is a “live” total that is constantly updating with every grade entered. You can see student and class averages in several different ways. For report cards, there is the student average by quarter by subject. Then there’s a student average by subject for the whole year and a student average by term for all the subjects. There’s a class average by subject and also a class average by term for all the subjects, and then a class average for all the subjects for the whole year. (See the Summary picture on this website below). If you teach multiple grades and want to see averages by grade instead of the whole class, you will need a spreadsheet file for each grade. If at any time you want to download a fresh copy, go to the Datasheet and click on “Get A Fresh Copy” under the student name list.

The attendance page is easy to use – it automatically (saves time) fills in each student as present for that day. And then if you mark a student as absent, tardy, or requested a half-day, you simply change the corresponding code letter for that day for that student. As you do so, the cell turns to a different color so it’s easy to spot. Then for each student, you can write a note for each week for reference – maybe why they were late, or some happening you would like to record. If a student begins later in the year or leaves your school before the end of the year, you can record those dates and the attendance will begin or end the tracking accordingly.

Other Grading Programs

Some are asking why change from the grading spreadsheet program already out there that is distributed by Gospel Publishers. Nothing is wrong with it at all, but it’s designed to run primarily on a computer. That grading sheet was skillfully designed with macros to make tasks and navigation easier. But macros do not run on mobile versions of Excel, and the trend is moving toward using tablets and iPads. This spreadsheet is made to run on ANY device that can run Microsoft Excel. Competition is not intended, but chances are high that you will like this new one – has great features!

What kind of tablet?

If you are considering whether to invest in a tablet or iPad, I would highly recommend an Android tablet. The file handling limitations of the iPad makes it more difficult to work with saving this spreadsheet file to the device and then running it with Excel. iPad attempts to run the spreadsheet with its own built-in program, but it does NOT work. If you already have an iPad or would like to purchase one, that is fine, just make sure you first open Excel and then open the grading spreadsheet from inside Excel.

Where do I get Excel?

Microsoft Excel for Android (Free with in-app purchases), and Microsoft Excel for iOS (Free with in-app purchases) are available with these links. When you have that installed, create a free Microsoft account if you don’t have one, or log in to your existing account. Whether you try the sample or purchase the Grading Spreadsheet, It will be emailed to you. Save the file from the email to your device BEFORE opening it.

Not Sure Yet?

Try the Demo version for free, it works for 3 students. Your purchase is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee for any reason.

We wish for you to have splendid year teaching. God bless each teacher and student and the whole school effort.