Teachers Grading Spreadsheet

Teacher’s Grading Spreadsheet

For quite a few years there have been various versions of a grade book spreadsheet available. In the late 90’s Tim Litwiller made one and soon there where more teachers that needed similar spreadsheets. Then in mid-2000, there was one from Royce Holdeman and Scott Schultz that became quite popular. It is still a great program but designed primarily for desktops. It uses menu “buttons” to navigate the spreadsheet – which is accomplished with macros. Because of the macros, it is mostly limited to desktop computers and laptops and doesn’t work well – if at all, on tablets.

Now Russell Unruh has made another that does not contain macros, and it works well on tablets, laptops, and desktops. There is a trend toward teachers using tablets for school work. It makes it easier to take your grading with you when you leave school and grade your student’s work away from school. The Microsoft Excel app is free for tablets, but laptops and desktops need a licensed or paid version of Microsoft Excel.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office and would still like to use your laptop or computer, you may download the free program called WPS Office 2016 Free. (https://www.wps.com/download/) It seems to be fully compatible with MS Excel files and the user interface is almost identical.

Open Office, Libre Office, Onlyoffice, and SoftMaker FreeOffice do not run the spreadsheet properly.

Please get the free version of MS Excel

Microsoft Excel for Android (Free with in-app purchases), Microsoft Excel for iOS (Free with in-app purchases). When you have that installed, create a free Microsoft account if you don’t have one, or log in to your existing account, then download the sample or purchase and download the spreadsheet.  When you open it, choose to open with Excel. Very important – after you open the downloaded spreadsheet, save it as a new file to your device documents or SD card before using it. I would suggest including the school year in the file name.

On iOS, due to their file handling, it may be difficult to download it and then open it in Excel. You may as well email me if you have an iPad and I will email you the spreadsheet after your purchase. Otherwise, try the following: download, install, and sign in to Microsoft One Drive. Then when you download the spreadsheet, it may open in a preview. At the top right corner should be an option to download the file to One Drive. Save it to your One Drive account. Then open Excel and find and run the downloaded file out of One Drive. It would be a good idea to save it as a new file to One Drive and name it to your choosing.

If you are not able to make this work, use the form below to send a message and I’ll email you the file. That works much better for iPads. If for some reason we can’t get it to work on your device, I will refund your payment.

Here’s a sample file that works for 1 student on Excel Grading Spreadsheet 3.0.3 Excel Sample (New Features)