Tank tracker

The tank tracker app is used to keep a log of refillable containers.  It also helps with SARA tier II reporting each year.

The Tank Tracker program was started about 3 years ago as a My Visual Database project.  It was refined thru use to its current state but is not expandable to be used at multiple locations due to its need for a local database or a connection to a MySQL database.

So the new version that is being worked on is a total rewrite as a completely web based version.

The features of the program are:

  • Track where refillable totes or seed boxes are.
  • When they were filled.
  • Reports of the product and quantities shipped in the containers.

New features as a web program will be to allow multiple locations to use it. and to allow those locations to transfer the containers between the locations and still maintain ownership of the container at the location where the tank originated.  The owning location should be able to see where their tanks are and to send requests for the tanks to be returned or to bill for the tanks that are not returned.