Easy Job Tracker App Monthly User Subscription




This is an app to track the completion of orders, You and your employees have a list of work to complete and as each person marks the work they have completed it is marked completed on the list.

The primary focus is on a hay baling business to start wit. More features so that it works with any kind of job are coming in the next version.

You add the farmer with his information – to make it easy we let you import from your phone contacts, then you add the fields with the acres and GPS coordinates from the map.

Now when the customer calls with a job, you select the customer and the field Easy Job Tracker will fill in the acres and GPS coordinates.  Now your employee can see the job and when he clicks it he can navigate to the job easily. Then your employee can mark completed his parts of the job, so the next employee can see when his part is ready.

This app will also need a company database subscription to attach to.

This is a  license for Easy Job Tracker app 1 employee, use this for employee #2 and above, or for subcontractors


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