Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I start using this? Are there instructions?
    1. There is now a quick start help page in the app.
  2. Can I use an iPhone and my employees use android?
    1. Yes. The data resides on the server and the app for either platform work together.
  3. What are roles?
    1. The roles work with the tasks and the employees. You setup the roles that you need for your business, then you apply those roles to both the employee and to the tasks. Then the employees can only see the task that matches the roles the employee is allowed to see.
  4. How do I customize for my business?
    1. There are several steps to customize the app for your business.
      1. change the menu items to match your need.
      2. add the roles your company needs, It can be as simple as 1 role employee, or you can make it so that each person has their own role.
      3. add the tasks that you assign to your employees, check marking the roles that are allowed to see the task
      4. add your employees check marking the roles they are allowed to complete
  5. Does this work on a computer as well as a mobile device?
    1. Yes it mostly works in google chrome – listed below are the things that might not work for you on a computer.
      1. You will need to click to load unsafe scripts, before you can log in with google chrome.
      2. click to dial customers numbers will not work unless you have something like skype installed to work on a computer
      3. maps will default to your service providers location unless you have a working gps connected to your computer
      4. map will be a small size on screen and if you click the full screen button you will have to know the shortcut key f11 to get back out of that view
      5. navigate to site will most likely not work

If you have a question not covered above please ask it in the form below. We will answer your question and hopefully add it to the FAQ list above.