Easy Job Tracker

Version 3 is here! 

New features in version 3.

  • Free trial mode. This will let you try adding a few customers and an employee and see if this app will do what you need for a job tracker app.
  • Upgrade thru in-app purchase to change from free trial to a higher level of service or features.
  • Notifications, you can set the app to send a notification to your customers as each part of a job is completed.
    • Per customer – turn on for only the customers that want notification.
    • Per task – turn on for only the tasks you wish to notify about.
  • Parts or supplies can be added to the job and tracked along with the tasks.
  • Customer field or location has been moved from being a separate list to inside the customer setup screen.

This is an app to track the completion of orders, You and your employees have a list of work to complete and as each person marks the work they have completed it is marked completed on the list. You could call it a shared to-do list, or a work order management system.

Customize to your business

We have made this app adaptable to many kinds of service businesses, hay baling, custom farming, yard care, landscape management, parking lot and driveway scraping, on-site appliance or machinery repair, on-site tire repair, retail product delivery.

Easy to Use

The main focus has been easy of use. I’ve talked to many people about what they use and many have tried other solutions but they were just too complicated. So we made this as simple as we could. You add the customer with his information and we let you import the new customer from your phone contacts, then you add the job site with the GPS coordinates from the map. And you add the common tasks that you have your employee do on a job site.

Save time and headache

Now when the customer calls for a job, you select the customer and the location,  Easy Job Tracker will fill in the GPS coordinates, then you choose the tasks the customer wants to be completed.  Now your employee can see the job and when he clicks it he can easily navigate via his favorite navigation app to the job. Then when he is done he can mark his tasks completed, If there are other tasks on the job that other employees have to do, they can each mark their part and see what parts have been completed. When the job is done you can save and send an email that details which employee did which tasks and you can log in to the website to get reports of this activity. From this, you should be able to bill your customers correctly and pay your employees if they do piece work.

The purchase will be in the app store and in the app.

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