Easy Job Tracker version 2 is coming very soon

Version 2: The main focus is being customizable or flexible for your business.

You can:

  • Name your lists to make sense for your business – complete
  • Name the tasks in your jobs to make sense for your business – complete
  • Have as many or few tasks as you like in each job – complete
  • reorder the tasks in the order you want them completed – complete
  • Have scheduled tasks and recurring schedules – every Thursday for example. – complete
  • Have lower priority jobs that don’t float to the top until the higher priority jobs are completed – complete
  • Get an email with all the data so you can bill the customer and pay the employee when a job is completed. – complete
  • The web admin I was hoping for doesn’t look like it will make it in a usable form for version 2. – delayed but is being worked on and will be available shortly after the app release