Easy Job Tracker | Version 2.0.1 is now available

Version 2: The main focus is being customizable or flexible to meet your business needs. Here is a list of features

You can:

  • Name your lists to make sense for your business.
    • Customer can be labeled: Farmers or Businesses etc
    • Location can be labeled: Fields, Site yards
    • Job list can be labeled: Jobs, Loads, etc.
    • Users can be labeled: Users, Drivers, Employees etc.
  • Name the tasks in your jobs to make sense for your business.
    • in a haying business, you could have swathing, raking, baling, stacking, loading and hauling etc.
    • in lawn care you could have mowing, trimming, edging, etc.
    • in appliance repair, you could have dryer vent clean out, washer maintenance, clean refrigerator fins etc.
  • Have as many or few tasks as you like in each job. Since not every job needs all the same tasks we have made this dynamic. For example:
    • haying you might only bale and stack after the farmer has swathed
    • or only do the swathing and not need to rake before you bale.
  • reorder the tasks in the order you want them complete, You can drag and drop the tasks you add to the job to put them in the order you need them in.
  • Have scheduled tasks and recurring schedules – every Thursday for example. Or you can schedule it for a specific day in the future.
  • Have lower priority jobs that don’t float to the top until the higher priority jobs are completed. For example:
    • a customer wants a job done but doesn’t care when you do it. You can add it at a lower priority so that it is below all the regular priority jobs. When the higher priority jobs get done and the end of the day isn’t here you see the lower priority jobs and can work them in.
  • Get an email with all the data so you can bill the customer and pay the employee when a job is completed. When the job is completed and you click to save and send you will get an email with the report of the job. It will show which employee did which parts of the completed job and the quantities of hours or pieces recorded.
  • The web admin site.  There is 1 basic report ready and several more are being worked on. Feedback is welcome on what kind of reports you want for your business.